Web Design Tips – a Quick Preview

Free Web Templates

The best place to get your free web templates is from your hosting company. If it is their product they will probably provide support free of charge. I am always looking for products with support. It can be very frustrating to work on something for months only to have your content messed up from one mistake.

If you do go with a free product that you find online, check that it is compatible with your hosting account; there are no weird file extensions that will send your web hosting provider into a hissy fit.

It happens.

Look for reviews online. People love to talk and they love to link. See what others are saying about the quality of the product.
And make sure that the template is compatible with your topic. No matter how cute or pretty it looks, it must convey the purpose of your website before anyone has a chance to read the content.
So if you are going for an entrepreneurial route or even a professional business angle, stay away from cute graphics of animals and people unless that is the focus of your website.

Where to look? 1. Free templates search on google or yahoo
2. Your web host.
3. Get recommendations from others online.

I’m using the Typepad blogging system right now so my entire design work involved picking a preformatted templates, making a few simple adjustments and then I add content.
Web Designers for all?

Not necessarily. You can find easy template programs online that are free, cheap or expensive and full of features. If you decide to not use a web designer or even if you use a web designer always check your site code.

Most of the free template programs will place their own code at the very top of your website or on every web page. This means that your keywords and descriptions could end way down on the page if they add too much code.
Most of the search engines are looking at the first 100 characters or so to determine the type of content on your site. If that space is eaten up by your web design program then it’s doing a better job of promoting itself or its designer than your website.

Most of the time if you check in the instruction you will find instructions on how to remove this code, or put it at the bottom of your home page, or make it a button on your site.

I don’t believe in totally removing the code because there are many hardworking web designers out there who put their all in giving us these free applications. But, I don’t think that it belongs at the top of the web page either. So look around and find a way to give the designer or company credit, but don’t sacrifice one of the most important parts of your web marketing strategy: The space at the top of your website.
Keep this tip in mind even if you use a commercial program. Often times paying a fee is not enough. The company still wants to put tags, links or images promoting themselves on your website. Check their terms of use very carefully before you make a purchase.
Forced ads on a free product is ok, but forced ads on a paid product seems a bit sketchy to me.