Web Design Tips – a Quick Preview

Free Web Templates

The best place to get your free web templates is from your hosting company. If it is their product they will probably provide support free of charge. I am always looking for products with support. It can be very frustrating to work on something for months only to have your content messed up from one mistake.

If you do go with a free product that you find online, check that it is compatible with your hosting account; there are no weird file extensions that will send your web hosting provider into a hissy fit.

It happens.

Look for reviews online. People love to talk and they love to link. See what others are saying about the quality of the product.
And make sure that the template is compatible with your topic. No matter how cute or pretty it looks, it must convey the purpose of your website before anyone has a chance to read the content.
So if you are going for an entrepreneurial route or even a professional business angle, stay away from cute graphics of animals and people unless that is the focus of your website.

Where to look? 1. Free templates search on google or yahoo
2. Your web host.
3. Get recommendations from others online.

I’m using the Typepad blogging system right now so my entire design work involved picking a preformatted templates, making a few simple adjustments and then I add content.
Web Designers for all?

Not necessarily. You can find easy template programs online that are free, cheap or expensive and full of features. If you decide to not use a web designer or even if you use a web designer always check your site code.

Most of the free template programs will place their own code at the very top of your website or on every web page. This means that your keywords and descriptions could end way down on the page if they add too much code.
Most of the search engines are looking at the first 100 characters or so to determine the type of content on your site. If that space is eaten up by your web design program then it’s doing a better job of promoting itself or its designer than your website.

Most of the time if you check in the instruction you will find instructions on how to remove this code, or put it at the bottom of your home page, or make it a button on your site.

I don’t believe in totally removing the code because there are many hardworking web designers out there who put their all in giving us these free applications. But, I don’t think that it belongs at the top of the web page either. So look around and find a way to give the designer or company credit, but don’t sacrifice one of the most important parts of your web marketing strategy: The space at the top of your website.
Keep this tip in mind even if you use a commercial program. Often times paying a fee is not enough. The company still wants to put tags, links or images promoting themselves on your website. Check their terms of use very carefully before you make a purchase.
Forced ads on a free product is ok, but forced ads on a paid product seems a bit sketchy to me.

For Web Design, Perth-based Firms Are an Asset

With the internet as one of the most widely used places for commercial transactions, firms specialising in search engine optimisation (SEO), web marketing, and web design are set to keep luring customers who need to boost their online profile. Many nations have their own companies that are experts on these jobs, and Australia is no exemption. When it comes to web marketing, web design, and SEO, Perth has companies that specialise on those services. With a highly skilled workforce and practical +8GMT time zone, the city’s companies can meet demand from the domestic Australian market in addition to that of international companies needing these services.

Web marketing entails promoting a product or service to as broad a needed audience as possible through the internet. The aims of this can be achieved either through using SEO techniques, email, or paid search marketing. Email Marketing involves employing a type of software that could produce professional-looking HTML emails, and Paid Search Marketing involves customers paying for a selected site to appear in the search results for a word or phrase typed on a search engine. For web marketing, Perth’s companies will help generate a high return on investment (ROI), because of the above mentioned factors.

For web design, Perth’s companies are well seasoned in aiding client companies translate their distinct demands into a good website that reflects the markets needed for their goods and services. Building a website is a science in itself, needing a comprehensive knowledge of their customer needs and target market. Based on the given info, the companies doing the job can make suggestions on how the website can be made, and have a platform in which they develop that for their customers. This reveals not just what they’re about or what they supply but also makes the website more user-friendly and appealing to their target market.

SEO is a procedure used to help a client’s site surge in rank with regard to search engine visibility. The operation is in line with the premise that internet users don’t like to go more than a few web pages to seek out what they’re looking for; the final goal is to get as close to the top of the first page as possible. This method is achieved by having a scientific study about how the search engines work, terms typed by users, and what the target market actually uses regarding such. Later, the website gets changed according to what the results point out. For projects relating to SEO, Perth’s companies are well-equipped to take on any one.

The internet is a large marketplace that’s bound to grow. Undoubtedly, many more companies will require help capitalising on what it offers both here and abroad. Regardless if it’s for SEO, web design, or web marketing, Perth’s companies will be more than pleased and capable to provide what you need. The city has a convenient time zone, highly professional and professional workers, and companies that value a maximum ROI, so next time your firm needs assistance with SEO, web marketing, or web design, Perth-based companies are one thing you should be looking at.

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Knowing Your Customers is the Key to Web Design

First and foremost, the web design should NOT hamper with any search engine optimization (SEO). This is the number one complication with Flash files, that and the fact that Apple does not support Flash and therefore your gorgeous website won’t be so beautiful on iPads, iPhones or any other systems running the Mac OS.

So should you steer clear from Flash? If you are simply selling goods, then my advice is no Flash whatsoever. If you are a designer showcasing your skills, the Flash should be a part of your portfolio but not your main page. Some people are mesmerized by a Flash intro, once it loads, and will demand this for their sites. But look at the web’s most prevalent sites. How many of them use a Flash intro? Answer: zilch.

Even sites like Yahoo that used to use Flash for video playback, now have their sites designed to detect what kind of device is trying to access the video and will provide Mac OS users with an .mp4 version of the video file.

A better way to accomplish some aspects of Flash on a site, like a slideshow used to display large amounts of different information without eating up too much real estate, is accomplished fairly easily with JavaScript. Its like a reason why you learn piano online. What’s nice about a JavaScript slideshow is that uses typical .jpg and .gif images and allows each of these images to be linked to specific content pages on the site. For an example of a JavaScript slideshow, check out flatscreenshelving.

The bottom line is that there is no one answer regarding site design and how pretty your site should be. The most important aspect to consider is knowing your potential customers and what will appeal to them. Think about if you were selling the product in a brick-and-mortar store? Would your customers want to find you on Rodeo Drive or in a strip mall? If you were selling your products and services door-to-door, what would you wear? Answering these questions will not only remind you about who your customers are but also get you mind going as to how your site should be designed.